Summer of 2020

  • It is with heavy hearts that we have come to the sad reality this will be our last summer as Lost Guide Adventure Tours. We, Bill, Sherry and Marc, are all retired now from our jobs and this has resulted in all of us having different priorities for our time in the summers. We have had a fantastic run of 25 years! We are so fortunate to have met the best people who shared our love of camping and riding in the mountains - not to mention our equal love of eating well and listening to Marc and Billy's great music!
  • Our plan for next summer is to have all weekends, starting in June and ending in the early part of September, open for bookings. We will require a minimum of 4 people for any trip to go forward. Some people have expressed interest in a pack trip so that would have to be organized well in advance as that would affect some of the weekends. Pack trips are 6 days (five of riding and one getting to the trailhead on Hummingbird Creek. 
  • Our cost will be the same as last year and are per person - $325.00 for a weekend, $425.00 for a long weekend and $1100.00 for a pack trip. Remember that any weekend can be a long weekend and we are also open to taking people during the week - cost would be the same depending if it is a two day ride or a three day. 
  • Please review "Guest Info" for information on what is provided by us for your trip. 


About Our Rides



Our summer schedule offers guests many attractions geared toward the outdoor enthusiast, photographer, fisherman, or those who simply desire a No Stress, No Television, No Phone mountain experience. The combination of our trail riding expertise and the unparalleled beauty of the Blue Canadian Rockies will ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable wilderness adventure. 

Lost Guide Adventure Tours limits the number of guests per pack-trip so that we may virtually guarantee that your adventure will surpass your expectations. 

Our weekend trips, at the trailhead, are much more flexible as far as numbers go. We can accommodate larger groups. 

Lost Guide Adventure Tours in conjunction with the Class 'A' Guide and Outfitter Bar JH Trail Rides has an excellent safety record. Riding experience is not essential as qualified guides accompany and assist you each day. The horses are sure-footed and gentle and are assigned according to the experience stated on your application form. Rides are casual, with breaks and leisurely lunches served picnic style on the trail.

We strive to be environmentally conscientious and our base camp on Ranger Creek is designed for low environmental impact. Riders are encouraged to participate in the daily care and maintenance of their horse. 

After a meal that is unsurpassed in the eastern slopes of the Rockies, nightly entertainment is provided by the "Ranger Creek Wranglers." The clean mountain air, rides through uninhabited valleys, magnificent scenery, and flower-filled alpine meadows, all add up to a holiday unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Weekend Rides


Our regular weekends start on a Friday night.  We suggest stopping in Rocky Mountain House for dinner and last minute supplies on the way in. We usually rendezvous with our guests in Rocky and drive in together from there, otherwise we expect riders to arrive at the trailhead on Hummingbird Creek around 7:00 or 7:30 p.m. Friday night is campfire and getting everyone settled into their accommodations. We get up Saturday around 8:00 a.m., have breakfast and then head out for a day of riding. We have lunch on the trail and usually get back to camp around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Relaxation and then dinner around 7:00 and campfire for the night. Next day is the same schedule, except that we usually have a bit of a shorter ride so that everyone can get back home at a good time. There is no dinner on the last day and we are usually back in camp around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. Long weekends follow the same schedule with another day added. 

*We provide accommodation (trailer or tent), sleeping gear and rain gear if needed.

Pack Trips


Day One

From Edmonton the trailhead is a 320 km (200 miles) drive. Guests may join us  in Edmonton or Stony Plain. If you are driving yourself, we usually rendezvous in Rocky Mountain House.  This is where we stop to dine and guests purchase their own dinner. We then travel to the trailhead/corral on Hummingbird Creek in the Rocky Mountains, where we will be spending our first night prior to packing in to our base camp. This area offers the opportunity to see the beautiful Ram and Hummingbird Falls.

Meet and Greet: Champagne reception and information session.

Day Two

The first day's ride is up the Ram River and on to 

Ranger Creek where our base camp is located. This is 

a steady, gradual uphill ride past waterfalls and sets 

of pools, deeper into the Rocky Mountains.

Breakfast: Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, pumpkin cranberry muffins, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.

Lunch: Italian Flat Bread sandwich, fruit, and homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Dinner: Filet of salmon topped with fresh herb cream vermouth sauce served with vegetable quinoa along with asparagus in a sun-dried tomato and oregano vinaigrette. New York cheesecake with an orange rhubarb compote for dessert.

Day Three

We ride up above the tree line on to the alpine meadows to a spectacular trout-filled tarn, Lost Guide Lake.

Breakfast: Canadian home-style cornmeal blueberry flapjacks served with Québec maple syrup and breakfast sausage. Fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.

Lunch: Smoked salmon, capers, purple onion, and cream cheese wraps with a squeeze of fresh lemon plus homemade cookies and fruit. This is the traditional Lost Guide Lake lunch.

Dinner: Grilled chicken served with maple infused butternut squash and rutabaga  with rotini alfredo on the side. Tiramisu for dessert.

Day Four

On Day 4 we ride into a Box Canyon where you will see caves and dramatic rock outcrops. After lunch you will have the opportunity to hike up a cascading waterfall.

Breakfast: Traditional Cowboy breakfast of bacon, eggs, pan-fried potatoes and toast. Fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.

Lunch: Pita bread stuffed with egg salad, homemade cookies, and fresh fruit.

Dinner: 8 oz. New York steak cooked to your specification, topped with a mushroom sauce and accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes, fresh sliced vegetables and garlic toast. Dessert is pecan pie squares.

Day Five

This day's adventure takes us on an old pack trail under spectacular rocky outcrops to view the peaks overlooking the Clearwater River valley.

Breakfast: Vegetable and cheese frittata with grilled ham. Fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.

Lunch: Smoked turkey, havarti cheese sandwiches along with fresh fruit and homemade banana bread.

Dinner: Seafood linguine served with herb bread. This is our last night together so we celebrate by offering complimentary port and cheese. This gives everyone a chance to reminisce about the previous days' rides.

Day Six

On the final day we ride to an authentic trapper's cabin and then to a high scenic bluff for lunch. From here it is a casual ride down to the staging area.

Breakfast: Canadian Red River cereal with dried fruit, maple syrup and cream served with rye toast, cream cheese and jam as well as fresh fruit juice and coffee.

Lunch: Ham and aged Canadian cheddar cheese sandwiches along with homemade gingersnaps and fruit.

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